Sometimes when I’m taking photos, one thing leads to another. What I mean is, I have one idea, and then it progresses into something else entirely. I’ve gone into my doll clothes stash with one outfit in mind and run across other pieces first or the original item totally eludes me. Before I know it, I’m choosing a different doll that suits the new fashion better. Or, the day starts out sunny and perfect but by the time I get the doll dressed and outdoors everything has changed – clouds move in, the wind picks up, it starts raining or it gets dark outside. Sometimes a photo shoot starts in one part of the yard and ends up in another – with a huge change in the feel of the photo. The sun goes in and out, changing a bright scene into a very moody one. Sometimes one shoot will inspire a totally different shoot that happens days, weeks or months later. You just never know what’s going to happen.

Lovely Luchia

Lovely Luchia

This little cutie is Dress Me Luchia. She’s wearing the gown and jewels from Hollywood Royalty Josephine Baker’s The Jazz Age giftset. Luchia’s been wearing this ensemble for about a year. I have done a couple photo shoots prior to today’s, but they never made the cut. Today while I was sitting on the porch enjoying my morning coffee, I noticed the morning light was gleaming out sporadically from behind the passing clouds. And there was a sprinkling of crystal confetti snow flurries glittering in the golden sunbeams. I rushed indoors and decided to try and catch the action.

The snow flurries were really too sparse to catch in the photos of Luchia, but the light was good. This picture was taken in the side yard, though I’d started out in the front, wandered out back, then over to the other side yard before settling there. Did I mention it was about twenty degrees out? LOL, I took a few breaks indoors when my fingers started tingling. Anyway, after I got my pictures of Luchia, I popped back out to see if I could catch a few snowflakes. My little camera (an Olympus Stylus Tough 8000) has a super macro feature that can get really close and I was hopeful that at least a few snowflakes would come my way.

Mother Nature's Frozen Miniature Works Of Art

Mother Nature's Frozen Miniature Works Of Art

This tiny snowflake is smaller than one of my doll’s eyes, just to give you some perspective. It’s really, really small. It was residing on top of the roof of my husband’s car. The speckles you see are a mix ofย  dust, road dirt and salt (our car rarely sees a car wash). The dust looks like a galaxy of stars from this close, no? I love how the snowflake has an extra arm and a few extra finger prongs. I’m guessing it collided with another snowflake and nabbed the extra bits.ย  It looks like a crystal Frankenstein. ๐Ÿ™‚

One Thing Leads To Another, And Another…And Another…


Did you see Disney’s Rapunzel movie Tangled? I did. And I highly recommend it. My husband took me to the theater around the holidays and it was a great night out. The movie was a visual feast and the story was well written. The music was alright, not near as good as The Little Mermaid, but so few can compare to that favorite of mine. After seeing Tangled, I sorely wanted to add a Rapunzel doll to my collection. On Christmas day, she was waiting for me under the tree.

Rapunzel - Released From The Tower

Rapunzel - Released From The Tower

As much as I liked her straight out of the box, I like her even better now. I gave her a new body – LIV Sophia was the donor (I did add a rubber band around the neck knob to seat it better). I had some fun playing with her hair – I added mini braids and then wove them into the larger braid (I was going for a simpler version of what her hair looked like in the movie after the three little girls braided it for her). She ditched her trademark gown for one of the fashions from Barbie’s Target exclusive New York fashion pack. She’s now how I’d envisioned her if she left the Tower and hit the NYC scene in 2011.

I caught some photos this morning when the sun showed it’s face for a bit. The picture was taken on my front porch. The background is two dining table square chargers (perfectly sized for a wall and a floor – the wall part is resting against an outdoor chair) with two fabric placemats covering them.

All Those Days
Watching From The Windows
All Those Years
Outside Looking In

All That Time
Never Even Knowing
Just Bow Blind I’ve Been – “I See The Light” – from the movie Tangled


Happy New Year!

We started the new year off right with some shopping today. We hit a few Target & Walmart stores looking for clearance sales and new dollies. And we found a little bit of both. There were a few doll finds that made me very happy. I also got a chance to peek in Hobby Lobby and I didn’t leave there empty handed either. ๐Ÿ™‚

Barbie's Got Good Jeans

Barbie's Got Good Jeans

Today’s model is Barbie Basics: Model 14, collection 2.0 – the Blue Jeans collection. This doll utilizes the Louboutin/Glimmer head mold and model muse body. She wearing her original outfit, with the addition of Old Is New Giselle’s jacket. Her photo was taken in the early evening gloom in my front yard. The green bench was a flea market find. I used a quarter-strength flash to light the scene without washing it out too much.

I was so happy to find any of the Jeans gals since I’ve been looking for what seems like forever. I did also find one of the guys. I’m sure you’ll be seeing him in one of my photo sessions soon. He is very handsome. I’m still on the look out for the red-haired Goddess face mold model, too. I think she is fantastic. I really like this model 14 (poor girl needs a name – I think she looks like a “Susan”, no?). Her hair is so soft and pretty. If she had an articulated body, she’d be perfect. But I guess I can stand a few model muse bods in my collection. Not everyone can be a mover and a shaker, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Heaven Help Us, Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On.


Wow. I started this blog on January first of this year. I still remember my husband asking me if I was sure that I could come up with a new photo each day for a year. I assured him that I could, though I wondered a bit myself. Well, I did it. Some where better than others and some barely made it in by midnight. But true to the blog’s title, every day a dollie photo was posted.ย  Yay. ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my reasons for starting this whole thing was that I was still suffering from the loss of my sweet kitty, Cassie (she crossed the rainbow bridge back in May of 2009). Missing her was tearing me up inside, and I thought it would be a good thing to be distracted from the pain at least for a little while each day. And it was successful. Not only did it help with the sadness, but it renewed myย  interest in doll collecting and improved my photography skills. It also taught me to worry less, that each day follows the other and distances us from the troubles of yesterday. So, it was a healing experience for me and made me a happier person.

I know that this isn’t the most heavily trafficked blog out there, but I want you to know that I’m thankful for each and every one of my viewers – and I treasure the lovely comments you’ve posted throughout the year. So here’s the last photo of the year, dedicated to each and every one of my fans. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another Year Goes By

Another Year Goes By

Today’s model is Tears Go By Poppy Parker. She is wearing Lady Like Misaki’s bodysuit, Painted Black Erin’s trousers (with the attached halter top removed), Night Warrior Vanessa’s waist cincher, a pair of squishy, black Fashion Royalty high-heeled pumps, Ask Any Girl Poppy Parker’s necklace and the black crystal stud earrings and ring from the mini Avantguards. Her photo was taken in the gloom of late afternoon at Ann Street park. She’s sitting on the fence rail overlooking the falls with the bridge and city traffic behind her.

Another Year Has Come And Gone.

Say Goodbye To Old Sorrows,

And Hello To New Hopes & Dreams Of A Better Tomorrow.




When we have snow, I like to enjoy it while it lasts. There’s talk of a warm up on the way, so I’ve been taking full advantage of the sparkly white stuff while it’s still on the ground.

Elly Takes A Walk In The Woods

Elly Takes A Walk In The Woods

This is The Beverly Hillbillies Elly May Clampett Barbie. Mattel gave her the vintage reproduction head mold and body. I just adore her curly hair with the corkscrew pigtails. In addition to her original jeans (I removed the rope belt) she is wearing a LIV dolls coat, an ooak scarf made by me and the boots from the Best Models on location South Beach Barbie gift set. I set her up by a tiny tree in my front yard while the snow was still all frosty and shimmering in the morning sunlight.

Frost And Snow,

The Cold Winds Blow!

Wintertime Is Here.


Lady GaGa

Yeah, so I’m a big Lady GaGa fan. I love her music and I like that she brought fashion back to the music industry. She also doesn’t seem to be afraid of taking chances, showing skin or even trying out “ugly” looks. It also seems that she’s got a wicked sense of humor. I adore her videos – they’re like mini movies.ย  Chalk meย  up as one of her little “monsters”.

Lady GaGa - Fame Monster

GaGa - Ooh, La La!

Today’s model is from the Fashion Royalty Dark Romance convention. She’s an unofficial Lady GaGa doll from Vaughn’s Out of the Box workshop. I was thrilled to receive her from hubby for Christmas. She did not get here on time, so he put her picture in a card with a note that she was on her way.

Lady GaGa has had her hair washed out and brushed. I redressed her in the lingerie set from Head for Glamour Agnes, a Fashion Royalty multi-strand necklace & earrings and Mais Oui Giselle’s ring. The columns are actually an umbrella stand that I got at the flea market and the background is a piece of black foam core. The scene was set up in front of my full length glass storm door with the midday sunlight streaming in.

I’m Your Biggest Fan
I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me


When I was getting today’s model ready, a weird/neat/strange idea came to mind. Ya know how all the celebrities now consider little dogs to be the latest fashion accessory? Well, I’m a cat person, so I did my own take on it.

Kessa takes her kitty for a "walk" in the snow.

Kessa takes her kitty, Cassie, for a "walk" in the snow.

Today’s models are Kesenia from the Dark Romance – Jason Wu convention and Cassie, a porcelain cat (named after my dearly departed best cat buddy ever – I still miss her). When Cassie was alive, she was such a little queenie. She had me wrapped around her little pinky toe and I’d do anything for her. So it is with Kessa in this photo shoot – taking her little cat out on a sled so her tiny paws will stay warm and dry.

Kessa is wearing Diamond Society Eugenia’s dress, Bewitching Hour Luchia’s boots, Fashion Royalty tan stockings, and Barbie’s Fashion Avenue Toys R Us exclusive coat. The sled and porcelain cat are both flea market finds. The scene was shot in my side yard by the rock surround over my well pump. The photo was taken around midday during a burst of intermittent sunshine.

Funny thing, my little cat, Bella (a two year old, Siamese/tortoise shell mix) actually likes to ride around the house on a blanket – she hops on and I drag it all around through the rooms until she tires of the game or I literally get too tired. I’m usually the one who poops out first, LOL. So I guess this picture is a bit of a reflection of my reality. ๐Ÿ™‚

Never Was There A More Regal Creature Than A Cat.