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Okay, so maybe it’s because the dolls of my childhood always wore the same expressions…happy, smiling faces; eyes filled with mirth and joy…that I’ve grown to adore the wicked ones as an adult. A little disdain, that “I’m so over it” attitude, an evil little pout…that’s the stuff that stands out from the crowd. And nobody does it better than the Baroness Agnes Von Weiss. She is a wonderfully fresh face among the blissed-out crowd – a special doll that doesn’t need to radiate benevolence to be beautiful. Hers is the elegance of a broken glass gaze and razor blade moue. And I love her all the more for it.

Twisted Miss

Twisted Miss

Sass and a Half

Sass and a Half

Today’s model is Nightfall Agnes from this year’s Integrity Toys’ Premiere convention. She is wearing her original fashion with the addition of a bracelet from Claires (an ear cuff for humans – re purposed to doll scale jewelry) and a necklace assembled by me from craft store jewelry components. I acquired her in a fabulous trade from another collector (thanks, Kimberly!). She sports the new Fashion Royalty body (an updated amalgam of FR & FR2). Her photo was taken in our living room, lit by morning sunlight coming through the glass door with a wooden door sample pressed into service as the background.

I Like A Girl

Who Is Sweet And Nice,

But I Love A Girl

Who’s Got Some Spice!


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A week ago, Integrity Toys held it’s annual doll convention. Three days of fun, festivities and dolls, dolls, dolls! I’ve yet to attend one, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it. There were quite a few convention attendees who kept the rest of us tuned in – in just about real time. Between twitter, blog and Flickr updates – you’re practically there. From the initial registration, during the workshops and store tours, through the luncheon and dinner events, with about forty new doll reveals sprinkled throughout it all and unleashed upon the world…the images and info were sent out…and I happily took it all in.

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a better collection of dolls concentrated into one convention. Every one a beauty, you could almost hear the sighs of desire and whoops of joy emanating through the computer screen as each one was revealed.

Though I was only standing on the sidelines, the convention was a major win for me. I managed to find a lovely collector willing to sell me one of the dolls I fell in love with for a very attractive price. And I found another fantastic collector willing to trade a doll that I had not bonded with for another of the convention cuties that caught my eye.

The first doll I fell for has already made it here…

Elegant Evening Poppy Parker

Elegant Evening Poppy Parker

Oh, my gosh! Isn’t she just the most! EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Today’s model is Elegant Evening Poppy Parker. She was the featured centerpiece at one of the luncheons during the convention. She’s wearing her original fashion (minus a golden bracelet – not a fave & I was afraid it would fall off during the shoot…or get all fiddly and turned backwards – so I left it off). I gave her hair a little brushing to tame the flyaway strands. Her photo was taken in our front yard in the morning sunlight.

I Could Not Have Dreamed You

I Think You Must Be Real

Because I Could Never

Have Had A Dream

As Beautiful As You

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Last Saturday the Fourth Annual Ice Festival was held on Main Street in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Every year, I grab a doll or two and my camera and nab some photos. The local businesses commission sculptures that are placed in front of their stores. Ice carvers create a great chair on site from large blocks of ice on the midway. It’s a nice boost for the local economy as folks duck into the many eateries and shops for a break to warm up during their walking tour. The weather cooperated this year, it was cold (so the melting was kept to a minimum) but brightly overcast with the sun peeking out every now and then. My husband and I enjoyed the sights and unexpectedly met up with another friend who joined us for a stop at Starbucks and hung out for the second half of our photo run. The dolls even drew a few admirers as they posed with the frozen art, and found themselves the subject of several paparazzi. 🙂 Fun times.

Today’s models are Day Tripper Poppy Parker and The Happening Poppy Parker. Day Tripper is wearing a hat and scarf that I crocheted myself, Dynamite Girls Heart of Glass Aria’s jacket, a Barbie camisole, Crazy Girl Misaki’s skirt, Masterpiece Theatre Giselle’s tights and Eternally Together: Dracula’s Brides Lucy’s boots . The Happening is wearing Lead Singles Lilith’s jacket, Rock Wedding: Rock Steady Romain’s scarf, Checking Out Colette’s blouse, City Girl Imogen’s trousers and Anti-Social Girl Misaki’s boots . Both dolls have had their hair washed and brushed out. Their photos were taken all over Main Street and a jolly time was had by all.

Winter’s Heart

Is Brittle And Frozen

Yet An Icy Beauty

Beats Within


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