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I climbed trees when I was a kid, much younger than I am now. I remember spending hours just hanging out up in a tree talking with one my neighborhood friends, watching the world go by. LOL, it’s funny how something that seemed such a simple feat back then leaves me shaking my head in wonder now. You won’t catch me risking a fall (and probably painful broken bones) these days. But what I won’t do, the dolls will…

Misaki Up In A Tree

Misaki Up In A Tree

Today’s model is Crazy Girl Misaki. She is wearing Hollywood Nails Barbie’s bodysuit, shorts borrowed from Dynamite Girls: In The City – You Sexy Thing Jasper, Endless Summer Poppy Parker’s sneakers and a Fashion Royalty necklace. Her photo was taken a few weeks ago in my Mom’s backyard, under overcast afternoon skies.

Back When We Were Young,

We All Ruled The World,

And Never Even Knew It.

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