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Do you remember cutting out paper snowflakes when you where a kid? I do. It was a lot of fun. I remember cutting shapes into the pattern, especially hearts and Christmas trees. I also remember the mess of little white bits everywhere. Good times. 🙂

Cole And The Paper SnowFlakes

Cole And The Paper SnowFlakes

Today’s model is Odd Girl Out Colette. She is wearing a Barbie Santa hat and Christmas dress, Red Rabbit Misaki’s stockings, Urban Outfitting Nadja’s gloves, Fire Fly Agnes’ boots and a scarf that I made myself. She’s holding a paper snowflake garland that I found a Target a few years ago. She’s standing on a ladder that you’ve seen in previous shoots. And if the background looks familiar, it’s because it’s taken in front of the Christmas tree and decked out pine garlands surrounding the front windows in my living room.

Since There’s Still No Snow Falling Outside,

We’ll Have to Make Our Own Snowflakes.

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