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Ugh…I have no excuse for not getting around to the lingering remains of winter doll photos…except that there are just so many.

So, even though it is technically spring, I’m still in winter mode. And I probably will be for a while. What can I say? I still have more winter wonder to share…

The Gang At The Snow Caves

The Gang At The Snow Caves

You’ve already met the models, so see previous posts for the details. But the location is new. After all the shoveling, the snow piles were pretty substantial. Given such an opportunity, I couldn’t resist digging out a cavern and steps for the dolls. When the afternoon sun lit it up, a mess of dolls came out to play. The lighting didn’t last long, but it was enough to grab a few pictures. Woo- hoo!

Winter Still Has A Few Icy Gasps Left


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