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And that’s about all I can do.  We haven’t had a significant snowfall yet this year. I’d love to take some outdoor snow photos, but the weather will not cooperate.  Not that it hasn’t been cold. We’ve had below average temperatures all month. And the wind has been howling like a hungry wolf.

Holiday Agnes

Holiday Agnes

Since there is no real snow, I decided to put together a snowy display for my dolls on top of the entertainment center in my living room. I put a layer of fleece artificial snow down and scattered some paper punched snowflakes upon it. I taped together three foam core boards to form a trifold background. I added braces across the top and strung it with blue lights.  I adorned the front with silver ribbon and hung dollar store snowflakes from the top. Then, I added a pair of pewter candlesticks and topped them with a silver shelf.

My model is Optic Verve Agnes. She is wearing Winter Concert Barbie’s gown (it was sewn onto the original doll, so I’m going to have to add snaps to it – for now it was just open in the back). I also made a little advent wreath for her head, but I  didn’t add any candles.

I shot the scene with a full strength flash and still had to lighten the pictures up a bit. I didn’t do any color correcting as I liked the silvery tones I ended up with.

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright,
And May All Your Christmases Be White.

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