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An interesting subject was brought up recently on one of the doll chat forums that I frequent. It was a discussion concerning collector’s comfort level while taking photos out in public. I must be honest, I rarely feel embarrassed or awkward when I gambol about, dollies and camera in hand. Which is kind of strange, since I was so afraid of not fitting in or being considered “weird” as an adolescent. But as the years went by, I embraced the fact that a lot of the things I do dance outside of the ordinary or fail to meet the standards of “normal”. Maybe it is not a regular occurrence for the rest of the world to run into a forty four year old woman taking photos of her dolls in their neighborhood. But I have to say that the folks I’ve met all seem to take it in stride. I’m greeted with smiles and laughter, sometimes curiosity and even the occasional puzzled gaze. But I’m so happy doing what I love, that I smile right back and have had many a fun “dollie conversation” with people. Almost every one has a neat story about an aunt, sister or friend with a favorite doll or collection. So, I say to anyone that may feel a bit uncomfortable with taking their dollies outside for photos, Have some fun – Go outside and play!

I’m still going through photos from a few weeks ago, when I brought my dolls down to the shore at Point Pleasant, New Jersey. This time, Poppy totes her tube down to the water…

Let's Hit The Waves

Let’s Hit The Waves

Surf's Up

Surf’s Up

Today’s model is Hot Dots Poppy Parker. She is wearing Summer Crush Misaki’s swim suit and a swim mask from one of the newer Barbie single fashion packs. Her tube is actually a dog toy that floats (the original purpose is so you can play “fetch” in a lake or pool with your pup, LOL). Anyway, the photo was taken in the afternoon sunshine along the shoreline.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Outside & Play!


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Yeah…I finally got around to editing some more of the photos from our jaunt to Point Pleasant.

Hot on the Boardwalk

Hot on the Boardwalk

Today’s model is Hot Dots Poppy Parker from last year’s Tropicalia convention. She is wearing Bonjour Misaki’s sandals, a butterfly sundress from a Barbie fashion pack and a long sleeved top from one of the Best Models On Location Barbie giftsets. Her photo was taken on the boardwalk rail overlooking the ocean and beach.

It’s Always Hot On The Boardwalk


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Is there anything better than wearing your boyfriend’s jacket? It’s like wearing a hug from him all day long. 🙂

Today’s model is Hot Dots Poppy Parker from the 2012 Tropicalia convention. She is wearing Checking Out Francisco’s jacket, Ask Any Girl Poppy’s gloves, Twist & Shout Darla Daley’s sweater & skirt set, Mod Redux Barbie’s tights and Dreadfully Cute Misaki’s boots (with the ankle chains removed). Her photo was taken a few weeks ago in our yard.

Don’t The Boys Know Why We Love Stealing Their Clothes?

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