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I love to mix things up. I’m not a “dressy-dressy” type person. I don’t know why, but I seem to resist the whole elegant/fancy/classy type looks thing. Maybe it’s just too serious for me. I like a little humor/silliness/opposition…tongue -in-cheek/cheekiness/sarcasm/tomfoolery…..I just can’t help but be a nonconformist. I’m bratty like that.

That’s not to say I won’t swoon over a beautiful gown every now and then. It just means that I’ll probably pair a sequin dream of a dress with pigtails and bare feet. LOL.

Jeannie Sparkles In The Garden

Jeannie Sparkles In The Garden

Today’s model is Crazy Girl Misaki – I’ve named her Jeannie after my Mom. Her hair has been washed out, but still retains it’s original style. (It was a bit stiff with product applied in the factory.) She is wearing an ooak fashion made by Karen Kolkman – a Christmas gift from dear hubby. Her photo was taken in the afternoon in our front garden.

Dress Up, Dress Down. Whatever. Just Be You. And Be Happy.

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