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Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I hope you get a chance to celebrate in your favorite way. Parades, fireworks, grillin’ and picnicking, hitting the beach, lake or pool – whatever your little hearts desire. Have fun! 🙂

Ken Plays Frisbee Near The Ocean At Wildwood, NJ

Ken Plays Frisbee on the Beach at Wildwood, NJ

Today’s model is Barbie Basics Ken: collection 002 model no. 15 – jeans collection. He is wearing another Ken’s shorts – I don’t know if they’re from a carded fashion or Cali Blaine or the My Scene boys or what. He’s got a frisbee that is from a frisbee shooter toy. We got it with tickets we won at the arcade on the boardwalk when we were at Point Pleasant earlier in the week. His photo was taken in the early evening on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Go Out And Play

And Have A Fun Day!


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I have a tendency to shoot one subject at a time. I don’t do too many photos with two or more models. Which is a shame, because I do like the way the pictures look when dolls are interacting. It seems more real. I find it much harder when I have two models to keep an eye on, but the results make think that maybe I should do it more often.

Poppy & Rafe Take A Stroll In The Late Afternoon Sunlight

Poppy & Rafe Take An Afternoon Stroll

Today’s models are Ask Any Girl Poppy Parker and Barbie Basics 2.0 model 15 Ken (I’ve renamed him Rafe). Both have been to the hair salon for a wash, style and air dry treatment. Rafe is wearing his original ensemble with the addition of Twilight Edward’s shirt. Poppy is wearing LIV School’s Out Katie’s shirt, LIV Walmart exclusive Katie’s trousers and Chao/Ciao Misaki’s boots. Rafe has also lent Poppy his jacket (originally from Twilight Edward) to keep her warm during their jaunt outdoors. The photo was taken in our yard at the bottom of the driveway.

Come And Walk A While With Me.

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