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Okay, so maybe it’s because the dolls of my childhood always wore the same expressions…happy, smiling faces; eyes filled with mirth and joy…that I’ve grown to adore the wicked ones as an adult. A little disdain, that “I’m so over it” attitude, an evil little pout…that’s the stuff that stands out from the crowd. And nobody does it better than the Baroness Agnes Von Weiss. She is a wonderfully fresh face among the blissed-out crowd – a special doll that doesn’t need to radiate benevolence to be beautiful. Hers is the elegance of a broken glass gaze and razor blade moue. And I love her all the more for it.

Twisted Miss

Twisted Miss

Sass and a Half

Sass and a Half

Today’s model is Nightfall Agnes from this year’s Integrity Toys’ Premiere convention. She is wearing her original fashion with the addition of a bracelet from Claires (an ear cuff for humans – re purposed to doll scale jewelry) and a necklace assembled by me from craft store jewelry components. I acquired her in a fabulous trade from another collector (thanks, Kimberly!). She sports the new Fashion Royalty body (an updated amalgam of FR & FR2). Her photo was taken in our living room, lit by morning sunlight coming through the glass door with a wooden door sample pressed into service as the background.

I Like A Girl

Who Is Sweet And Nice,

But I Love A Girl

Who’s Got Some Spice!



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