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Last Saturday the Fourth Annual Ice Festival was held on Main Street in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Every year, I grab a doll or two and my camera and nab some photos. The local businesses commission sculptures that are placed in front of their stores. Ice carvers create a great chair on site from large blocks of ice on the midway. It’s a nice boost for the local economy as folks duck into the many eateries and shops for a break to warm up during their walking tour. The weather cooperated this year, it was cold (so the melting was kept to a minimum) but brightly overcast with the sun peeking out every now and then. My husband and I enjoyed the sights and unexpectedly met up with another friend who joined us for a stop at Starbucks and hung out for the second half of our photo run. The dolls even drew a few admirers as they posed with the frozen art, and found themselves the subject of several paparazzi. 🙂 Fun times.

Today’s models are Day Tripper Poppy Parker and The Happening Poppy Parker. Day Tripper is wearing a hat and scarf that I crocheted myself, Dynamite Girls Heart of Glass Aria’s jacket, a Barbie camisole, Crazy Girl Misaki’s skirt, Masterpiece Theatre Giselle’s tights and Eternally Together: Dracula’s Brides Lucy’s boots . The Happening is wearing Lead Singles Lilith’s jacket, Rock Wedding: Rock Steady Romain’s scarf, Checking Out Colette’s blouse, City Girl Imogen’s trousers and Anti-Social Girl Misaki’s boots . Both dolls have had their hair washed and brushed out. Their photos were taken all over Main Street and a jolly time was had by all.

Winter’s Heart

Is Brittle And Frozen

Yet An Icy Beauty

Beats Within


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