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We were passing through town today and happened upon the second annual Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Ice Festival. Of course, it caught us unawares. There was no dollie and no cameras in the car. Thankfully, hubby was nice enough to head back home so I could quickly dress today’s model and grab the cameras. Back out we went.

In case you didn’t see last year’s photos, the ice festival is a tiny affair – just some ice sculptures placed in front of the local businesses on Main Street. If you get there earlier than we did, you can even see the artists sculpting them. It was not publicized very well unfortunately, last year there was a short story on the news, but not this year. It’s too bad, because although it was cold and windy, I think there would have been more attendees had they known about it.

It was about four o’clock in the evening when we got there, thirty-five degrees, overcast and windy as all get out. There were even snow flurries! Winter is definitely still here. It took about an hour to see everything and take photos. My dollie collected many hearts on her little modeling jaunt. Shopkeepers, kids and adults all stopped and took a peek at her as she went from one sculpture to the next. I even had a few folks taking her photo as she posed on the sculptures. And a couple fans handed off their cameras to me asking me to take a picture of them with my little diva. She was quite popular.

We finished the photo session with a quick stop at Starbucks for a grande peppermint mocha with whipped cream to chase off the chill. LOL, towards the end, I could barely feel my fingers. The wind chill was downright wicked.

Cole Chills Out On A Diamond Ring Ice Sculpture

Cole Chills Out On A Diamond Ring Ice Sculpture

The model braving winter’s cold is Painted Black Colette. She’s wearing Crazy Girl Misaki’s zip-up hoodie, a shirt and shoes from some recent Barbie fashion packs and Barbie Basics jeans. Her photo was taken in front of the jeweler’s in the evening, under overcast skies, with the aid of a flash.

What A Cool Day On Main Street!



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