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Have you ever gone ice skating? I did when I was younger. They put an ice rink up by the mall and my girlfriends and I would go there, skate badly and make googly eyes at the boys. LOL, I was a teenager back then. 😉 I enjoyed the music and the colored lights,  but the actual act of staying upright on skates without falling and bruising my butt was a tough one for me to master. I did slightly better on roller skates, but I think that’s only because of the removal of frigid temperatures – I’m not so limber when I’m cold. Nowadays a walk in the snow is more my speed.

Bess Helps Rachel  Stay Up On Her Skates

Bess Helps Rachel Stay Up On Her Skates

Sometimes I get little doll story ideas that pop into my head.  Just like when I was a kid, I imagine what the dolls would be thinking if they could, consider the personalities they would have and what they’d like to do. That happened today.

I’ve been wanting to do an ice skating photo shoot ever since I found a pair of skates that actually fit Misaki’s big feet. Since then, I’ve imagined my Misaki girls have been giving me big puppy eyes and asking who’s going to be the lucky one to wear them and if it’s going to be any time soon.  It’s been wicked cold here for days, but there’s no ice or snow to be found. So, last night, I put out some water in a round tupperware container to create a mini skating area. This morning it was frozen solid.

I chose Best in Brocade (Bess) and Crazy Girl (Rachel) to get dressed up today. All the clothes that Bess is wearing are borrowed from Barbie: a black turtleneck, Jam & Glam Teresa’s fuzzy pink arm warmers, white fur cuffs, a white fuzzy shrug, a pink fur collar and  Fashion Fever tweed trousers. Her ponytail holder is actually a Fashion Royalty cuff bracelet. She’s also wearing Monogram Best Drama’s earrings, a silkstone brooch and Odd Girl Out’s shoes. Rachel is wearing a Fashion Fever tweed dress, a fur shrug from My Wardrobe Barbe, Muffy Roberts silkstone gloves, Future Bound Luchia’s tights, a pale pink ooak scarf made by me and the infamous Barbie ice skates.  The skates fit because instead of slipping them on, they open on a hinge and clip shut.

I imagined that this was Rachel’s first time on skates and that the ice form I made could serve as her practice rink. I set it out on the lawn in the front yard and had a blast taking pictures. I was bundled up in a whole lotta layers because it was evil cold and windy, too. At one point, I had Rachel standing on the ice block and she slid forward (still standing) when a heavy gust of wind blew. It was too cute.

C’mon, Let’s Ice Skate.

We’ll Do A Figure Eight.

And Jump And Dance And Spin,

Until The Cold Air Sends Us In!



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