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There are some things I will never do. Most of them involve extreme (or even some not-so-very extreme) sports. Because the fact is: I’m over forty, I’m a bit uncoordinated (okay, a klutz) and I don’t like pain. My idea of fun, thrill-seeking activities are scoring hard-to-find dolls, catching bargains and witnessing fabulous sunsets. So, you won’t find me at a roller derby, tandem skydiving, surfing or snowboarding. Now, my dolls are a different story – they are little daredevils. Just because I have no desire to risk life and limb, doesn’t mean my dolls aren’t eager to strut their stuff. It’s fun to live vicariously through them while taking photos of them going wild. Most of the time, the danger is simulated and almost no dollies have ever been injured during the making of extreme images. 😉

Lillith Catches Some Freshies And Tries Not To Face Plant Or Rag Doll On The Pow

Lillith Catches Some Freshies And Tries Not To Face Plant

Living up to her name, today’s model is Wild At Heart Lillith. She’s wearing a top borrowed from School Style Barbie, jeans from an older Fashion Avenue Barbie fashion pack and Barbie boots from a fashion pack produced a couple of years ago (they are a really tight fit on Lillith). I also traded out Lillith’s regular handspeak hands for another Fashion Royalty doll’s gloved ones.

I found the snowboard in the toy aisle. It’s made by Mattel, but I think you’re meant to put it on the ends of two fingers…and then you let your fingers do the walking…er, boarding. It has different, switchable braces (the things that hold your fingers or the doll’s boots) one white pair, one red and then a weird black set that have no openings – so boots won’t fit in them. Very few doll boots fit in the braces and look right – so I was lucky to find that these did.

Lillith’s photo shoot took place in my yard in the late afternoon sunlight. It was cold and windy, and I’m afraid Lillith did take a few tumbles. But it was a fun experience and no harm was done.

The Sun Is Bright And The Powder Is Bitchin’! – Jim Carrey’s character, The Grinch – from the movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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