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Sometimes the best photos come from taking risks. Had this photo shoot gone wrong, poor dollie would have been lost at sea. Thank goodness it went pretty much as planned. It’s a good day when mishaps are avoided and you get the shot you’re looking for. 🙂



Today’s model is a customized Look of Love Poppy Parker with rerooted hair and repainted lips. She is wearing Cali Girl Christie’s bathing suit and goggles & swim fins from a recent Barbie fashion pack. Her swim tube is actually a floating dog chew toy from the pet section at TJ Maxx. Her photo was taken at the edge of the Atlantic ocean on Wildwood beach. I watched the tide line, got the camera ready and placed Poppy down to await the incoming waves. *Nerve wracking!* I have to tell you, it was tough stuff trying to avoid the other swimmers, positioning and placing Poppy down in the right spot (far enough to catch a wave, close enough to keep from losing her), watching the scene through the camera’s lens and keeping an eye on the ocean water, choosing the proper moment to take the shot and hurrying to catch Poppy before the waves dragged her and her tube right out to sea. LOL, I was giggling and smiling and just plain relieved by the time I got done! It was as much fun as when I was a kid and would lose myself in play. Only now, I have photos to look back on long after the moment has passed on and become a fond memory.

The Summer Sun Dried Up My Worries,

The Waves Drowned Them Under The Roaring Surf

And The Warm Ocean Breezes Blew Them All Away…

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