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When I was a kid, we had a variety of different tree toppers over the years.  The earliest that I remember was a turquoise blown glass thing, shaped like an ornament with a spiked top. We had flashing stars and felt angels and probably others, but I’ve forgotten.  On my own trees, I’ve usually had a doll for the top of the tree and it always goes on last. I’ve had Tinkerbell, Barbie dolls in Santa style dresses and various different Barbie dolls dressed as angels.

Angel Barbie

Angel Barbie

Today’s model is Barbie – though I’m not sure which one.  She’s been the angel on my tree for a couple of years. She’s wearing the dress from Hollywood Premiere Barbie with some embellishments added: snowflake sequins, bugle beads and ribbon. She’s got a ribbon and snowflake button halo and the wings were salvaged off of an acrylic angel from Walmart, with snowflake sequins and crystals glued on and a hole drilled in it to accommodate the ribbon that attaches it to the doll.  She’s hung on the top (or is that the bottom? LOL) of my upside-down Christmas tree with some strong wire.

Hark, The Herald Angels Sing!

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