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I confess, we did not color Easter eggs tonight. But we have been indulging in Easter candy all week. 😉 And we had a ham for dinner tonight. Mmmm! Tomorrow we go to visit with family in NJ. I’m already dreaming of the food fest we’ll have there. *drool*

Happy Easter From The Bunny Triplets

Happy Easter From The Bunny Triplets

Today’s models are The Great Pretender Lillith, Elements Of Surprise Lillith and Style Mantra Eden. They are all wearing various Mattel fashions, accessories and footwear. Their bunny ears are homemade by me – I used bumpy and straight chenille stems from the craft store. Because it seems it never stops raining here, their photo was taken indoors. The “floor” is a lemon wood door sample, the background is poster board. The scene was lit by two desk lamps and a full-strength flash. Color correction and text was added with my camera’s photo editing program.

Happy Easter Times Three!!!

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