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This year’s latest W club has started off with a bang. Members were offered the opportunity to enter a lottery for the chance to purchase dolls from their latest ITBE collection. In addition to some familiar faces, a new character was introduced: Finley Price. That smile really grabbed me, so I was thrilled when my number was pulled. I’m so glad to add this character to my collection.

I ripped this little cutie outta the box not long after she arrived. I redressed her right away (though I adore her lingerie) and couldn’t wait to share some photos.

I really am liking this new character. Finley reminds me of Cruise Control Vanessa. Like she could be her sister or cousin. She’s got a similar feline quality that I really like about CC Van. And while she’s smiling, it’s not a vapid, empty-eyed psycho look. It’s more subtle and such a nice change from some of the stern and aloof looks possessed by IT’s other characters. Not that I don’t love a good snarl now and again. Just sayin’ I like the variety.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing more in-depth photo shoots with Finley, when the proper lighting presents itself.


ITBE Audacious Finley Price

ITBE Audacious Finley Price

Finley is wearing MAC Barbie’s blouse, an unidentified faux fur jacket that I picked up at a recent doll show, Barbie Basics jeans, and Integrity Toys belt and Agent Lotta Danger Poppy Parker’s earrings. Her photo was taken yesterday afternoon. The weather here was overcast, foggy and drizzly. Total crap lighting for photos. I didn’t even wander off our front porch. Not my best work by any stretch. But I couldn’t wait to share.

Not Just Another Pretty Face


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