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This year’s latest W club has started off with a bang. Members were offered the opportunity to enter a lottery for the chance to purchase dolls from their latest ITBE collection. In addition to some familiar faces, a new character was introduced: Finley Price. That smile really grabbed me, so I was thrilled when my number was pulled. I’m so glad to add this character to my collection.

I ripped this little cutie outta the box not long after she arrived. I redressed her right away (though I adore her lingerie) and couldn’t wait to share some photos.

I really am liking this new character. Finley reminds me of Cruise Control Vanessa. Like she could be her sister or cousin. She’s got a similar feline quality that I really like about CC Van. And while she’s smiling, it’s not a vapid, empty-eyed psycho look. It’s more subtle and such a nice change from some of the stern and aloof looks possessed by IT’s other characters. Not that I don’t love a good snarl now and again. Just sayin’ I like the variety.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing more in-depth photo shoots with Finley, when the proper lighting presents itself.


ITBE Audacious Finley Price

ITBE Audacious Finley Price

Finley is wearing MAC Barbie’s blouse, an unidentified faux fur jacket that I picked up at a recent doll show, Barbie Basics jeans, and Integrity Toys belt and Agent Lotta Danger Poppy Parker’s earrings. Her photo was taken yesterday afternoon. The weather here was overcast, foggy and drizzly. Total crap lighting for photos. I didn’t even wander off our front porch. Not my best work by any stretch. But I couldn’t wait to share.

Not Just Another Pretty Face



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Recently, our area has participated in a couple of beautification events: Street Art Project I & II, where artists filled empty walls in town with fantastic art. Both Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg in northeast Pennsylvania are now alive with vibrant images that photographers find irresistible.

I took several dolls with me yesterday to grab some pictures.

Pop Art


Today’s model is The Girl From I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. Poppy. She is wearing Exceptional Tatyana Alexandrova’s dress & belt, Successful Ascension gloves, Fashion Royalty patterned stockings and shoes from Dynamite Girls – Spooki Sooki: The Return. Her photo was taken yesterday on Main Street, Stroudsburg in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Gotta Love POP ART

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About a month ago, the morning light breaking across the yard prompted me to grab a recently redressed doll and head out for a fast photo shoot. The cold weather and awaiting errands kept it short and sweet.

High End Envy Erin

High End Envy Erin

Today’s model is High End Envy Erin. Her ponytail was brushed out upon arrival. She is wearing Pretty Calculated Erin’s shirt, Optic Verve Agnes’ trousers and various Fashion Royalty jewels (cuff bracelet is borrowed from Truly Madly Deeply Agnes, not sure on the others). Erin’s photo was taken in our back yard in the early morning sunlight.

Not Everything Needs To Be Planned…

Sometimes It’s Good To Be Spontaneous


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I’ve got a new doll that I’m just GaGa over. (*pun intended, tee-hee!) She’s a beauty and a cutie and I’m oh, so glad she’s mine.

Erin Rocks A New Bikini

Erin Rocks A New Bikini

Erin Flashes Her Pearly Whites

Flashing Her Pearly Whites

Today’s model is the W club exclusive You Look So Fine Erin from the Rock Wedding Trio. She’s the last doll made with the original face mold, future issues will use a new one. I’ve collected every incarnation of Erin – she’s been a fave of mine since her introduction. I still remember gasping over the prototype shown during an after hours party at FAO Schwarz in NYC. It’s the end of an era, I tell ya. But at least she goes out on top, as I believe this is one of the prettiest versions of her. And they gave Erin teeth this time – usually her lips are painted to look slightly parted, with the space merely shadowed – now her pearly whites are painted in. Such a fun, different look for our little NuFace model! She seems breathless and flirty…and a bit knowing. What secrets could you tell us Miss Salston? LOL.

Anyway, onto the particulars…

Erin’s hair was washed out, combed and air dried for this photo shoot. She is wearing a crocheted bikini (so hot right now) made by me, a Fashion Royalty cuff bracelet, one of a kind earrings and beaded link bracelet created by yours truly, Barbie’s shoes (not sure if they are silkstone or a best models editions)  and she holds DG Jasper’s hat.

Both photos were taken on a partly cloudy day last month (I’m always so behind getting to the photos lately, oh well) in the afternoon. The first was taken on an old mill wheel against our fence, the next was taken by a tree in our side yard. (If you hop on over to my Flickr pages via the link to the right, you’ll see some photos taken of Erin on the rocky area in our backyard, too.)

That Gal’s Got Some Chops!

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Surprise! I took some quick pictures to share on the eve of the holiday.

Holiday Sweet Poppy

Holiday Sweet Poppy

Poppy in front of the Christmas Tree

Today’s model is Sweet Confection Poppy Parker, a W club exclusive. Her hair has been freed from it’s original set, washed and restyled. She is wearing earrings made by me, a Fashion Royalty necklace & black bracelet, several silver bracelets from the craft store (originally jewelry making links), rings from the craft store (4mm solid jump rings) and Odd Girl Out Colette’s dress with Picture This Erin’s belt.

The first photo was taken outside in our side yard and the next was taken inside by our tree with the sun streaming in through the window. LOL, if you look closely, you can see some shadowing from the window screen on Poppy’s face. Oh, well. I figured even some fast grab shots would be welcome after so long an absence. 😉 Anyway….Here’s to hoping that your holidays are merry & bright and all your sugar plum dreams come true.

Christmas Is Coming! 🙂

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…I’m just created this way. LoL. Some dolls smile, others scowl. Doesn’t matter – I love them all. From the sourpusses to the toothache-inducing sweeties, it’s the variety of expressions that keeps my interest in dolls piqued. How boring it would be if every one was the same.

Moody Giselle

Moody Zell

Today’s model is Night Scape Giselle. She is wearing Fashionistas: Sassy Barbie’s dress, shoes and necklace. She’s also wearing her own original earrings and a bracelet from the jewelry section at the craft store (originally sold with a bunch of other ones – all intended for people-sized bracelet enhancements). Her hair has been washed out and brushed and I switched her left hand to the second handspeak one that came with her. Giselle’s photo was taken a couple weeks ago in our back yard in the early morning light.

Careful Dear, Frowning Has Been Known To Cause Wrinkles

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We’re having some leftover April showers, so I had to sneak out in between the raindrops for today’s photo.

Dania - Day Dreaming on a Dreary Day

Dania - Day Dreaming on a Dreary Day

Today’s model is Lady In Waiting Dania. Her hair is pulled back with a dollar store mini hair clip. She is wearing the earrings from FR’s Life of the Party fashion, a Fashion Fever Barbie shirt, Hillary Duff Barbie jeans, Tarina Tarantino Barbie’s belt, a Barbie cuff bracelet and a craft store 4mm solid jump ring for a ring. Her photo was taken in the afternoon, under cloudy skies, by a tree in our front yard.

There Are Stormy Skies

In My Lover’s Eyes

Looks Like The Thunder

Won’t Be Far Behind

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