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Recently, our area has participated in a couple of beautification events: Street Art Project I & II, where artists filled empty walls in town with fantastic art. Both Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg in northeast Pennsylvania are now alive with vibrant images that photographers find irresistible.

I took several dolls with me yesterday to grab some pictures.

Pop Art


Today’s model is The Girl From I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. Poppy. She is wearing Exceptional Tatyana Alexandrova’s dress & belt, Successful Ascension gloves, Fashion Royalty patterned stockings and shoes from Dynamite Girls – Spooki Sooki: The Return. Her photo was taken yesterday on Main Street, Stroudsburg in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Gotta Love POP ART


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Last Saturday the Fourth Annual Ice Festival was held on Main Street in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Every year, I grab a doll or two and my camera and nab some photos. The local businesses commission sculptures that are placed in front of their stores. Ice carvers create a great chair on site from large blocks of ice on the midway. It’s a nice boost for the local economy as folks duck into the many eateries and shops for a break to warm up during their walking tour. The weather cooperated this year, it was cold (so the melting was kept to a minimum) but brightly overcast with the sun peeking out every now and then. My husband and I enjoyed the sights and unexpectedly met up with another friend who joined us for a stop at Starbucks and hung out for the second half of our photo run. The dolls even drew a few admirers as they posed with the frozen art, and found themselves the subject of several paparazzi. 🙂 Fun times.

Today’s models are Day Tripper Poppy Parker and The Happening Poppy Parker. Day Tripper is wearing a hat and scarf that I crocheted myself, Dynamite Girls Heart of Glass Aria’s jacket, a Barbie camisole, Crazy Girl Misaki’s skirt, Masterpiece Theatre Giselle’s tights and Eternally Together: Dracula’s Brides Lucy’s boots . The Happening is wearing Lead Singles Lilith’s jacket, Rock Wedding: Rock Steady Romain’s scarf, Checking Out Colette’s blouse, City Girl Imogen’s trousers and Anti-Social Girl Misaki’s boots . Both dolls have had their hair washed and brushed out. Their photos were taken all over Main Street and a jolly time was had by all.

Winter’s Heart

Is Brittle And Frozen

Yet An Icy Beauty

Beats Within


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Our town held their St. Patrick’s Day parade today. It was beautiful and sunny in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania – perfect parade viewing weather.

Misaki Loves The Antique Fire Truck At The Parade

Misaki Loves The Antique Fire Truck At The Parade

Today’s model is Summer Crush Misaki. She is wearing a Barbie t-shirt, Barbie Basics jeans, a hoodie that’s actually a cell phone holder from Claire’s (I cut the bottom open so she could wear it), a necklace made by me and some Barbie bracelets…one’s from one of the Mod Pivotal Barbie’s, not sure on the rest. Her photo was taken in the afternoon sunshine at the parade.

Everbody Loves A Parade

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We were passing through town today and happened upon the second annual Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Ice Festival. Of course, it caught us unawares. There was no dollie and no cameras in the car. Thankfully, hubby was nice enough to head back home so I could quickly dress today’s model and grab the cameras. Back out we went.

In case you didn’t see last year’s photos, the ice festival is a tiny affair – just some ice sculptures placed in front of the local businesses on Main Street. If you get there earlier than we did, you can even see the artists sculpting them. It was not publicized very well unfortunately, last year there was a short story on the news, but not this year. It’s too bad, because although it was cold and windy, I think there would have been more attendees had they known about it.

It was about four o’clock in the evening when we got there, thirty-five degrees, overcast and windy as all get out. There were even snow flurries! Winter is definitely still here. It took about an hour to see everything and take photos. My dollie collected many hearts on her little modeling jaunt. Shopkeepers, kids and adults all stopped and took a peek at her as she went from one sculpture to the next. I even had a few folks taking her photo as she posed on the sculptures. And a couple fans handed off their cameras to me asking me to take a picture of them with my little diva. She was quite popular.

We finished the photo session with a quick stop at Starbucks for a grande peppermint mocha with whipped cream to chase off the chill. LOL, towards the end, I could barely feel my fingers. The wind chill was downright wicked.

Cole Chills Out On A Diamond Ring Ice Sculpture

Cole Chills Out On A Diamond Ring Ice Sculpture

The model braving winter’s cold is Painted Black Colette. She’s wearing Crazy Girl Misaki’s zip-up hoodie, a shirt and shoes from some recent Barbie fashion packs and Barbie Basics jeans. Her photo was taken in front of the jeweler’s in the evening, under overcast skies, with the aid of a flash.

What A Cool Day On Main Street!



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This time of year, graveyard tours and cemetery walks at older historical locations seem to be quite popular. I don’t know if it’s the recent influx of all the ‘paranormal’ and ‘haunted’ reality television shows fueling it or simply a sign of the season. I remember visiting old graveyards with my family when I was a kid and marveling at how old the dates on the headstones were and how no one seemed to live very long. We have a small cemetery in town that dates back to the Revolutionary War and hubby took me there today. I have to say that despite some dark clouds looming and falling leaves tossing on the wind, it didn’t feel “creepy” to me. In fact, being in the graveyard seemed to fill me with a sense of peace and serenity. Is that weird? Well, whether or not, that’s how I felt: calm, relaxed and free from worry. And I hope all the souls residing there feel the same way.

Poppy In The Graveyard

Poppy In The Graveyard

Today’s doll is a Poppy that’s not a Poppy. This dollie was made for Fashion’s Night Out at the Bergdorf Goodman store in NYC – though it utilizes the Poppy head & body molds, it is not officially considered a Poppy Parker character doll. She is wearing her original earrings and shoes, Cynthia Rowley Barbie’s trenchcoat, an Integrity Toys dress from a baggie doll and a Fashion Royalty multi-strand necklace. Poppy is leaning on a headstone and looking over the rest of the grave markers in the back corner of the cemetery.

I’d Like To Think That The Calmness I Felt In The Graveyard

Came From Being Surrounded By Souls At Peace.

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